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Effective Soft Tissue Therapy for Pain Relief
About the Practitioner


Jason Lewis, B.S., A.S.

Certified Massage Therapist (California)

Certified Rossiter Coach


My path to a career in bodywork started in 1993 when I received my first Rolfing session.  I had just graduated from Syracuse University and moved to Denver, Co.  It was also my first hands on soft tissue work I'd ever received which is like jumping into the deep end of the pool.  It made a tremendous impact on me as I realized how powerful manual manipulation of our muscles and other soft tissue can be.  After trying my hand at film and television production for the next 5 years, I decided to make a career change and the memory of having received the Rolfing work stayed with me. It was a very natural decision for me to turn to studying and practicing bodywork. 

I moved to San Diego to study at the International Professional School of Bodywork (otherwise known as I.P.S.B. and its original moniker, Institute of Psycho Structural Rebalancing) in the fall of 1998.  I.P.S.B is a top 5 massage school for a reason and it met and exceeded my expectations in many ways.


I began doing bodywork professionally in 1999 working at a retreat center called The Optimum Health Institute and have kept spas and other professional businesses a regular part of my work ever since.


I currently maintain my private practice as well as work a program at the University of California San Diego called the Pain Relief Program.  This program is designed to reduce worker compensation claims and focuses on the soft tissue for employees with repetitive movement related chronic pain.  

I have taught a comprehensive 7 month massage therapy program at UEI and currently teach the Alternative Deep Tissue with Circulatory Massage class at I.P.S.B. twice/year.  




Our body is a reflection of ourselves.  We start with the genetic inheritance from our parents and the way we engage our lives and use and treat the body manifests in our being and health.  Bodywork at its best is a catalyst for change in ourselves but becoming pain free is pretty good too.






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